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Startups bring great new ideas to the market, but they need these ideas to be represented well in order to attract investors. We help deliver an illustrative and well-functioning MVP to the table. We also partner with startups and small businesses to deploy and improve their products and services smoothly, timely and cost-efficiently. We help your idea grow into a successful business!

Established brands

Established brands

Market competition is harsh and the only way to succeed is winning the loyalty of your customers that can be earned  by delivering a reliable and engaging product that brings lasting value and excitement. This, in turn, should be based on a smooth software development, continuous delivery, easy scalability, great performance, uninterrupted availability and quick response to feedback. Such approach exactly describes the DevOps process at Spaceport.


Fintech startups use our help to benefit from the pinnacle of innovation and deliver disruptive solutions for financial sector. At the same time, established enterprise-scale businesses whose interests lie in other domains, use our help to build Big Data-backed fintech solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of their target audience.


Businesses and organizations can make well-grounded decisions and use the Big Data to adjust their products, services and workflow to better suit their customers based on our solutions for detailed analytics of unstructured data sets.


Vendors are able to boost their retail operations through leveraging precise Big Data analytics of their target audience buying routines,as well as marketing efforts, logistics and other business activities.


Telecom industry operators can benefit from diverse industry-specific hardware and software reaching the market and we can help such providers transition to the cloud and implement Big Data solutions to optimize their operations.


Marketing companies benefit greatly from training a machine learning algorithm to provide more relevant content to a variety of customers at the right time.


Educational businesses and organizations incorporate Big Data and machine learning solutions into their daily business operations to drive more value and gainbetter ROI.