Big data

Leverage your data to optimize the costs and increase revenues

  • Gather
  • Harness
  • Analyse


Fully leverage the ecosystem in place and the existing channels of data delivery to get the max out of your business data.

  • Research & Discovery —  we analyze the existing ecosystem, both used for internal data exchange and market penetration channels.
  • Data Processing Pipelines —  we setup and configure the pipelines to help you get the most of your data.
  • Outsourced analytical team — we can provide an outsourced analytical team to deliver meaningful insights for well-grounded decisions.
  • Decision Support System — we offer developing a SaaS decision support system to cut the costs of analytics and increase the positive impact of Big Data processing.

Data Gathering

Gather 100% of your Big Data by a complex of tools and techniques (data mining, crawling, parsing, scrapers).

  • Data mining — we help collect any kind of data across various unstructured data sets according to configurable parameters.
  • Crawlers — we design and develop crawler algorithms for finding the links and other structural connections in the data sets
  • Scrapers — we provide powerful scraper algorithms to extract the important data from the data sets

Parsers — our parsers are capable of timely and reliable decomposition of the scraped information to prepare it for detailed processing and analysis.


Receive the real-time data representation in some schematic form, including the attributes or variables of the processed units of information.

  • Clear and structured representation of analytical data for your business
  • Live Big Data streaming and visualization
  • Get rid of graphs and charts, enjoy the dynamic and seamless experience of high-tech data representation with our SaaS solutions.
  • Augment your favorite Business Intelligence tool or get a custom solution from scratch. We can tailor the way you get your data into a smooth ride.


Learning / AI

Provide your business with better understanding of the current market trends, your competitors’ actions and target audience’s preferences to enable you getting more out of every dollar invested in advertising and marketing, ensuring better customer experience, optimizing the expenses and much, much more.

  • Determining the necessity of ML. If required, we find the right approach to maximize the result(selecting the right ML model/algorithm)
  • Normalizing the data to have homogeneity and enable correct ML model training
  • Building and training the ML models (deep learning, neural nets, Word2vec vector learning, reinforced learning, etc.)
  • Getting the relevant results with accuracy metrics, optimizing the model for better results, providing the machine learning SaaS.


Benefit from reliable and scalable infrastructure, capable of accepting and processing intense workloads that come with Big Data processes.

  • Cloud — be it on-prem private cloud or deployment on public clouds like AWS, Google Cloud or other cloud ecosystems, we help deploy and configure your Big Data solutions.
  • NoSQL — we set up databases like MongoDB, Apache Cassandra or Oracle NoSQL to ensure stable operations and convenient management of your Big Data.
  • Open-source technologies —  we operate a wide stack of various open-source tools and technologies and can configure them precisely, so you pay only for the features you actually need.
  • Full lifecycle — we deliver the full service lifecycle, from design to deployment, maintenance and support of your Big Data infrastructure.


Exploit in-depth analytics of the gathered data, both global and filtered by specific parameters to build an integral picture of the current business workflows and drive meaningful changes for continuous improvement.

  • Prescriptive – we help formulate the data-based recommendations for the best possible course of further actions regarding any business activity.
  • Predictive – a predictive forecast of the possible scenarios, useful for extrapolating the outcomes of various actions.
  • Diagnostic — diligent exploration of recorded performance to pinpoint various events and their reasons. Such analytics helps highlight the repetitive patterns and adjust the current practices accordingly.
  • Descriptive — the real-time analysis of events with email alerts or push-notifications on important triggers to take an informed action at the point of need.


Ensure your IoT-related business is on the pinnacle of progress and utilizes top-notch technology to outperform your competitors.

  • Sense — drivers for various sensors/analyzers of different real-world parameters or machine actuators
  • Connect — software for delivering the data collected to the cloud platform for processing and receiving commands from the cloud platform.
  • Cloud — tools for processing the influx of data, finding the patterns using Data Mining / Machine Learning/Business Intelligence and issuing the commands according to the patterns revealed.
  • CAVE — solutions that “Collect. Analyze. View. Exploit” the IoT data in order to take action on-prem, without contacting the cloud platform.


Augment any business with distributed and decentralized database operations for ensuring data security and transparency.

  • Security —  any block added to the blockchain cannot be changed, granting absolute data security
  • Decentralization — no central managing authority, which means the network belongs to no one, the user’s confidential data is not stored centrally and cannot be stolen or sold to third party.
  • Transparency — all the operations can be viewed by all the network members, which grants absolute transaction transparency and removes the chance of corruption (great for e-gov projects)
  • Democratization — every user has equal rights, there are no privileged users or regulatory entities.

Big Data - Leverage the technological edge

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